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This open source project is an early version developed at the Google Extended hackathon in London, June 2012.

The sources and build documentation are available here:

Eco League

Insulating your home, purchasing efficient appliances are great ways to reduce the carbon footprint but can be very costly. With Eco League, we empower households to rate their consumption on a continuous basis.

In the initial version data is entered via simple screens to an Android smart phone. Later versions will support other platforms and will use smart meters and telemetry to further reduce the effort required of participants in data entry.

The captured data is continuously processed in real time by the cloud-based part of our system which will have a cost and carbon footprint calculator. The processed figures are used to derive Eco League tables which are available on smart phone or web.

Participants are allowed to join under pseudonyms to protect their privacy. Secret keys are held in their phones to enable uploading. The site's policy should be to never reveal participants' identities without their express agreement.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the system is the social element (not built yet). This will use participants' restricted social graphs to share attributable parts of the League tables with friends and competitors in a game of carbon reduction.

Once this is in place we hope to involve energy companies in the providing prizes such as 2 month's free energy to outstanding participants.





We did not have time to make this data more real but you get the idea...


How it Works

The diagram to the right how the system works. The central API is written in node.js and uses a redis nosql database. The 3 main phone functions: register, submit and view results make use of this API. The API also includes the calculator for cost and carbon (the latter making use of AMEE) and the mechanism to produce the league tables. Further scalability can be obtained by running this on an approapriate cloud palatform such as Google Apps.